We are committed to making a positive impact on the health of individuals, communities and society over the long term.

Our Vision and Values

Our vision is to be the best provider of healthcare services within a therapeutic environment, providing outstanding places to work, practice medicine and receive care. We always strive to:

  • Meet and exceed customer expectations and delight patients.
  • Bring our services to more people, enhancing the quality of their lives.
  • Deliver high quality, effective and safe care.
  • Provide value for money.

We pride ourselves on having a very caring and friendly approach and set ourselves apart from other organisations by being true to our values:

  • Caring: we believe that everyone we interact with should be treated with the utmost respect and empathy.
  • Friendly: we foster a culture that is warm, welcoming and responsive.
  • Quality: we deliver the best service we can and strive to continuously improve.
  • Integrity: we always strive to be reliable, honest, consistent and transparent in our approach.
  • Pride: in what we do and take pleasure and satisfaction in the level of service we provide.

Individually our five key values are very simple but together they ensure a unique brand of care and service delivery.

As a charity, we demonstrate our success in order to provide our patients, supporters and other key stakeholders with proof of our commitment to making a positive impact on society. You will see examples of our results through our satisfaction surveys, clinical outcomes, audits and the powerful case studies describing individual patient experiences and how their lives have been positively affected by their treatment and care.

As a charity, we have no shareholders and can, therefore, reinvest any surplus money we generate to benefit more people and achieve our purpose and vision.

Your support can help make a real difference!

Our key purpose as a charity is to advance health

Horder Healthcare is fortunate to receive loyal support from patients, donors, volunteers, charitable trusts and the local community. For the past 50 years, their support has been crucial to helping the organisation meet its charitable aims. Find out more about our vision and values as well as how you can support the organisation.

Volunteering at Horder Healthcare

Our volunteers are invaluable to our organisation and are involved in many aspects of the services we provide.